As a native of England, I have lived and worked in several German speaking countries. Therefore it is a personal concern of mine to pass on my experiences from this time and from my current activities in an international environment to others. One of my key work areas is to prepare international expatriates and business partners for working with Germans.
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Communicating in Germany

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Directness and continuous rhetoric are part of the German way of communicating. When someone makes a request or turns down something this is expressed directly and bluntly. What do you have to consider if you want to make a successful request and what are the underlying values?

Nicola Garratt Gnann

Nicola Garratt-Gnann

"Home is where my close family lives" and this is now Tübingen in the south of Germany. It is a lively, international town with a charming old town centre and crowded by young people during term time. And if you are looking for some fun then you can even punt on the river Neckar like in Oxford where I was born.

International teams - adapt or not?

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In my trainings here in Germany I often observe that people really want to understand the mind-set of others. More and more colleagues are from abroad and teams, virtual or local, have become truly international. Often the following question is asked: "Can we assume that our international colleagues are aware of our ways?" I then ask my participants to consider the following.

Getting to know people

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Do you know why in intercultural trainings the German way of approaching friendship is compared with a coconut? Read on to find out why.

Lake Constance - "The Swabian Sea"

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One of my favourite places is "down" by Lake Constance (Bodensee). On a clear day looking over Kressbronn (Germany), you have a beautiful view across the lake. Just gazing out onto the water and relaxing lets me feel in touch with the three countries I have learnt to adore after I left England.